Chọn nước hoa đúng cách theo sở thích của mỗi người

Choose the fit country of category can be an hard problems. Với rất nhiều giống và mùi hương khác nhau, easy easily to just need for the giơ up and select one that that has no many think think. However, to make your home files before you going to buy the shopping will make your thu hẹp your selected options. When you buy shopping, continue work and so flowers items for you may be specified the transparent that you will not to hận!

1. Decision price. Water of one of the top of its cost and its cost of its may be changed to be lots between the products. Some country has less than 20 or la in another another amount with the price or even even of la sum. Before you to buy shopping, please determine the amount you want to chi for an countries.

  • If country is a gift, please see your own your own and your own gift. If you are given flowers for your wife, you would want to override more than you will about water for a friend that you don’t know very good.
2. Choose a mùi thơm nồng độ. Waterland has different name like the long length of the strong power. Regular, the commodity of the first cash is an existing, in the water over it has no many power. You may be found the category of water level of the bottom of the name of the previous of the bottle. 
  • Eau de cologne có nồng độ thơm hương thơm, kéo dài hai giờ. It is 3-5% oil in a compounds of the rượu and rượu.
  • Eau de toilette là loại nước đậm đặc hơn và sẽ kéo dài từ ba đến bốn giờ. It is the 4-8% oil.
  • Eau de parfum has the oil level of the high of cologne and drag long interval. Đó là dầu gội 15-18% với rượu.
  • Water has high level called single country or parfum. It has beautiful power and will be long days. Đó là 15-30 oil merge with rượu.
Thu hẹp một gia đình mùi hương. Please see your your hương thơm or your country. Waterland must be separateded to a four thơm, thơm tho, no even of many countries of no have a mix of the tinh hương. If you buy water for another user, see the water use. If you don’t have a idea of ​​the kind of your taste you like, do not lo lắng: you can find your thơm hương thơm you want when you are trying to water hoa in the window.
  • Hoa / Nước hoa ngọt ngào thơm như hoa tươi cắt. The popular fragrancees are used in water in hoa, hoa oải hương, cẩm chướng và hoa cẩm. Nước hoa là loại nước hoa phổ biến nhất dành cho nữ ngọt ngào, nữ tính mà họ thích nhất.
  • Nước hoa Cam quýt / Trái cây có mùi như cây trái, đặc biệt là cam chanht trái cây. The popular color patterns are caminest tree types, cam, bưởi và chanh, but also other tree type left as mơ, táo or đào. General general that the new flavor is fresh and fresh.
  • Water of the East of the East / has thơm and complex. Many the number of the number of the number of the type of the family type as the copy, quế and vani.
  • Water of Woody / Chypre have the wood and earth. Nhiều người hương hương như cam bergamot, oakmoss và hoắc hương.

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